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Making Dream Home a Reality



Posted on 13 December, 2014 at 4:20

Source:Dec 13 2014 : The Times of India (Bangalore,

The first home is a dream come true; it's not just a space to be designed. It usually is a mix of years of aspirations and desires that one wishes to turn into reality all at one go.

The functional and aesthetic demands from a first home are usually high. We want the best use of space and yet incorporate some ideas that are not practical.


To begin with, you must list your needs in a tabular form as per Functional Needs and Aesthetic Demands. Following this, on a scale of 1 to 5, you can prioritise your needs.


Making a plan


Q Prioritise your needs as per functional and aesthetic demands.This could take a couple of days, but take time as this is the foundation for your first home. You could keep evolving and working on this list on a regular basis.Q You must keep in mind basic factors that are vital to planning the space and aesthetic of your first home: Q Always keep in mind the dynamics of the space, the size of the rooms and the amount of natural light to be experienced.QAvoid interrupting the passage of natural light as much as possible, unless it's a home theatre, where you may need to block light completely for optimum experience.QIn compact spaces, be particularly careful about not over crowding the space; steer clear of dark colours that may make an already closely-packed space feel even tighter.QUse simple forms of furniture, so as to make the place feel bigger. The use of large mirrors can make a space feel much larger than it really is.QThe essence is not in the square feet of the space to be used, but is in the enhancement of the experience of living in that space.Q When designing spaces, I al ways drape the curtains from the ceiling of the room; this gives the space visual length, thus magnifying the volume in the room. The cost may be negligibly higher for a few extra metres of fabric, but the enhancement of volume and feeling is incomparable.Q In a living room, use sheers, transparent fabrics that make a place look lighter and brighter.Q Your colour schemes are vital to the aesthetics of your home. Define your colour scheme and then finalise your furniture, curtains and upholstery . Don't work the other way around. To add a zing to the space, play with the use of accent furniture and cushions to add the 'wow' touch.

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